art nude isn't rude

Friday, 16 November 2007

Gallery #1

The Feminine Monarchy coffee table book coming soon. 



Thursday, 1 November 2007

Gallery #2



 And another thirty or so models who will be canonised in "The Feminine Monarchy"

'Swinging Singapore'

'Mood Rings'

'Escher meets Hefner'

The Flying Grinceris'

... and many more in the video below.

That's a 20-shot teaser of the photo book, which I'm guessing will run into a couple of hundred images. I'm not 100% sure when I'm going to say enough, publish it and start on Feminine Monarchy II. I'm thinking I will wait 'til the recession's over. Please take the time there are heaps more shots and a few of my installation pieces on the ratty video below. I'd suggest pausing it to give the feed a fighting chance. Sorry about the quality. As to the prints themselves. I'm making one 'hero' canvas at the size you'll see in the video, so tell me if you fall in love with it - email richard at scoopnet .net and it is yours*. This is the end for today, but there'll be more tomorrow - and I'd like to send you updates. All you do is put your email in the box below. The shop is in beta stage - as in I keep thinking I beta do it tomorrow. 
And remember, art nude isn't rude. 

The End

* 1-of-1 and/or prints for sale, except:
'Tights' 1/1 [sold]; 'Reserved for the Prince of Darkness' ; 'Indochine' & 'Piste' reserved

The Feminine Monarchy by The_Feminine_Monarchy